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Making Rail
Work For You

GIO Rail Holdings is a unique railway service provider

GIO Railways

GIO Railways has extensive experience operating short line railways and industrial switching operations.


From inventory management to demurrage, storage and EDI processing, RMS is designed to be a single solution for all railway management needs

GIO Rail Services

GIO Rail offers a full suite of services from rail car repair and inspection to track management and transloading.

Railroad Crossing Tracks

Time to get your business on track?

We understand railway transportation. We know things don’t always go as planned. GIO is here to allow you to do what you do best, whether that’s running a railway, or being a freight customer. We’re there, working invisibly in the background, to keep things flowing smoothly. You have enough to worry about, and the reliability of your service providers shouldn’t be one.

Redefine Your Route

Our goal is to make the complex, manageable.

Whether you’re an agency looking for a qualified operator to run your freight operation or a new or existing railway operation that wants to explore contracting away some of the complex tasks required to operate, GIO is there to provide what you need.

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    The management and field staff continue to strive for innovation in providing safe railway services to its various customers and stakeholders.

    Greg MachadoPresident Accurate Group LTD.

    Their operations team keeps my track in good condition. I can trust them with my track inspections and I consult them on the repairs that I need to keep my operations in top condition.

    Kevin RelesTerminal Manager

    The experienced team at Gio allows for a positive work environment for contractors when aligning visions for the future of rail in Ontario.

    Greg MachadoPresident Accurate Group LTD.

    They provide the solutions and problem solving that I am looking for with my rail service.

    Kevin RelesTerminal Manager

    We look forward to continuing to work with Gio Rail in the future as our teams grow together and provide a quality service to its customers.

    Greg MachadoPresident Accurate Group LTD.