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Local Transload Facilities

GIO Rail offers two public “team tracks” designed to allow industry without a rail siding access to rail service.

GIO has 2 transload sites available in Niagara which are usable for the transload of non-hazardous shipments. Both facilities receive daily train service. Weekend switching is on demand. For information on either of these facilities, please contact our Administrative office at 905-835-2772.

Many business owners are unclear about how rail can enhance their transportation needs. A challenge in our industry is contacting and educating potential customers about the cost and viability of shipping by rail, including the efficiencies of rail versus truck and car looping and velocity.

Welland Transload Facility

  • Located on Brown Road in Welland, ON
  • Located near Highway 406 for convenient truck access
  • Offers 2 tracks with capacity for 12 railcars
  • Surface type: gravel
  • Centre track allows access to rail cars from both sides; ideal for unloading rail cars which require balance unloading
  • Setdown area: 30120 sq ft.
  • Daily train service; weekends on demand

Merritton Transload Facility

  • Located east of Merritt St. on the north side of the CNR tracks and accessible via Elm Street.
  • Offers a single track with capacity for 3 railcars
  • Surface type: gravel
  • Setdown area: 14400 sq ft.
  • Daily train service; weekends on demand
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